How Long Do Your Patients Wait?

The average medical waiting room time is a whooping 19 minutes!

Studies show that waiting room education increases patient satisfaction.

The best way to keep your patients happy

is to add a FREE media player to your waiting area
Educate & Entertain
When you add a media player in your office you will immedialy notice a change in your patients statisfaction. Each player will have a custom playlist of educational and family friendly entertainment videos. We aim to make patients smile and laugh while waiting, making time pass faster.
Cross Maretking
By adding a media player to your office, you will have the opportuinty to join a local marketing network. These group allow your business to advertise on thier media players as you allow them to advertise on your media player. A Dentist can advertise a cleaning in a Dermatologist's office, and the they offer Acne treatment on the Dentist's office media player.
With our marketing platform you can build a contact txt messaging list. With this list you can send special offers to current clients, like a reminder to stop by for a flu shot. Inform them of events such as free screenings. Or send out a link to a monthly blog on your website. Txt messaging is the most effect marketing tool for any business!
Patient Satisfaction and Marketing
All in one system Our media players have 3 mode: video mode, slient mode, and movie mode.
Company info
Vive Logic was created by Medical Professionals who wanted to increase patients satisfaction. Our media players are FREE! Studies show that waiting room education increases patient satisfaction and educational videos is one greatest links to increase patient satisfaction. Player can be placed in any office that has a waiting room including: Physicians, Dentist, Chiropractors, Vets, Audiologist and more! So call or email us today for find out if you qualify for a FREE media player.
Contact us
Contact us today to learn how we can help. phone 801-494-7740 place 732 N Main St Spingville, UT 84663 email